With over 300 million families in sub-Saharan Africa still depending on Kerosene for light and petrol fuel for Welectricity. This is a huge health and safety hazard. Not only is this very expensive for such families but a lot of them have lost loved ones to Asthma, Cancer and other diseases caused by these dangerous fumes and gases emitted from burning kerosene and gasoline. Furthermore, the carbon footprint affects the environment negatively. At SKYMAX SOLAR LIMITED, our specialist advisers keep our customers up-to-date on all key issues related to photovoltaics. Whether it is the latest technology, innovative products, current laws or a comprehensive knowledge of renewable Energy. We are dedicated to eradicating this problem by delivering high quality and affordable Solar power products that can cater to all classes of our society. Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable future by empowering families and businesses with clean and affordable electricity.


SKYMAX SOLAR is happy to fulfil every one's need in our society. With our Pay-as-you-go system, which caters for those with limited funds and can only afford to pay for the solar power package by instalments. There is rarely a solar power need that the Skymax Solar team cannot solve, irrespective of whether it is for a roof installation, solution for the optimal self-consumption for residential customers and business enterprises, or a huge large-scale project.
Our renewable Energy consultants and dedicated service teams are primarily responsible for these extraordinary services. We are here to help you with advice and actions before, during and after your purchase.