HYBRID MINI GRIDS are large solar systems available to rural and urban communities or areas where there is little or no electricity from the public grid.

Mini grids can also power large-scale commercial or industrial location. The solar Mini grids are made up of solar system with a power output of about 100kW (kilowatt) to 2MW (Megawatt).

These systems are constructed on ground mounts in a large area of space and uses solar panels to generate electricity. The hybrid mini-grid system can be linked to other sources of power as a backup during off-peak hours or as an alternative power source. These systems are built for high, rapid, and constant electrical energy to off-grid residential areas, communities with little or no grid power supply of electricity or large industrial areas. Also, a Solar min grid can be installed for a large commercial complex that want to be totally energy dependent with clean and reliable electrical energy source.

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