The Solarix PLI is a German engineered inverter that supplies consumers with 230 V AC power, charges the battery with an integrated MPPT charge controller and at the same time can be connected to the electricity grid. Everything in a single device. The inverter can recharge the battery while it also supplies power to the load. With dual overload capacity and surge ratings of up to 12kVA, large AC motors including Water pumps and Air conditioners are started and used reliably. In addition, the maximum power point tracker in the integrated charge controller ensures that, even in adverse weather conditions, maximum power is obtained from the PV modules. 
3000W, 48VDC, 230VAC/ 50 Hz True sine wave voltage. High overload capacity. Integrated MPP tracker. Monthly equalization charge. Auxiliary contact for starting a generator. Adjustable cut-off voltages. Battery type: Gel / liquid lead battery / AGM. Lightweight construction. Easy installation.